terça-feira, 26 de outubro de 2010

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  1. Hi Clara hope this will work ... miss chatting to you but have kept up with all the wonderful work the children have done from the castle thatr grandpa hayden and noah made to the science corner the carol sung which you are so blessed to do as in our shopping centres they are not allowed to play any carols so we only hear and sing then at Mass to the christmas decorations love the stable with the nativity in it very colourful and beautiful and then the BIG puppets gorgeous this is really a beautiful time of the year ... we have just been to our other three little grandchildrens nativity play at the church and it was so good and we all sang and how we miss not to share that with our two little boys so far away ... hope you are well and wish you and all the staff at school a wonderful time sharing with the children the story of Jesus birth till we chat again go well kind regards Lea ... have written amy times but it just won't accept the mail and waiting for Emma to explain to me how to get it through but we also had big problems with the computer but all sorted so till next time tchau adeus! Lea

  2. Hello Lea!
    Also we have been longing for your participation!
    Hopefully, the problem with email and the computer will be resolved quickly.
    The next Thursday we'll make an evening of cultural entertainment, the priest of the parish comes to speak about what is Christmas.
    Our Christmas party is on December 18th and we are preparing a beautiful song and also a poem. May be I can take pictures and then I publish.
    Kisses and see you soon!

  3. Ola! Boa Noite!
    Os ovos da Páscoa (azul e laranja) estão mt originais.
    Será que pode explicar como é que fizeram?
    Mt obrigada.

  4. Olá!
    Enchi um balão, pincelei com cola branca picapau e colei jornal, dei várias camadas, deixando sempre secar. Ao fim de 5 ou 6 camadas, quando fica rijo, faz-se com um x-acto o corte e o balão rebenta e fica o ovo.
    Espero ter sido útil!
    Espero a sua visita no nosso novo blog http://omeujardimsala5.blogspot.com.


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